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Improvements to vaccination process for second half of 2021 Updated: 2021-07-02 14:01:49 KST

Vaccine rollouts for the second half of 2021 started on Thursday.
Health authorities have made several changes to the vaccination process to make things easier for both those administering and those receiving the vaccine.
For one, getting a vaccine certificate has gotten much easier for the elderly.

"The elderly have a hard time using the mobile certificate. There's also a paper certificate handed out by the medical centers, but those are too bulky to carry around. So we're handing out stickers they can put on their IDs to prove they've been vaccinated."

From July 1st,.. community service centers nationwide are issuing small stickers to attach to the back of ID cards to prove that person has been vaccinated.

"Us old people don't know how to use the mobile certificate. So I came here, because it seemed easier to put the sticker on the back of my ID. "

"This small sticker is going to make a huge difference this July.
Anyone with the sticker is exempt from having to wear a mask outdoors and can be part of groups larger than the current 4-person limit."

Health authorities have also devised a way to reduce the chances of human error when administering vaccines.
Out of more than 18 million shots given in the first half of the year, there have been 379 errors.
Medical staff sometimes administered the wrong brand of vaccine or gave saline shots instead of real Covid-19 vaccines.
To reduce confusion, vaccines are going to color coded by brand from July.
Pfizer is going to be purple, Moderna red, AstraZeneca white, and Janssen will be marked with blue.
At the vaccination centers, those inoculated will receive a color sticker for their respective brands, and move along their own color-coded path to receive their vaccines.
Also, supply boxes, facilities, and medical staff in charge will all be completely separated by brand.
As of Friday, South Korea has now given out at least one dose of the vaccine to 29.9 percent of the population, or 15.3 million people, while 10 percent have completed their vaccinations.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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