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Vaccinated people in S. Korea take off masks outside starting July Updated: 2021-07-02 09:54:29 KST

The vaccination incentives still take effect starting this month,… despite the extension of the current distancing scheme.

Anyone who received at least one dose of the vaccine, can take off their masks outside.
But only from 14 days, after getting their first shot, when antibodies are established.

So you can be maskless, at a park, or when hiking.

But even at such places, when there are many people around, you will need to keep your mask on.

Masks are also required,at crowded areas, like amusement parks, sports stadiums, and festivals.

Basically, whenever it is hard to keep the "2 meter distance" outside,… you need to keep your mask on.
This was not mentioned in the initial incentive measures.
But the government added this rule on Wednesday, amid concerns over a spike in transmissions.

"When the basic rule of keeping a 2 meter distance is not possible, masks should be kept on even outside."

Among the first to practice this measureare senior citizens over the age of 60, and those who received the one-shot Janssen vaccines.
Some are making the most of the chance,… while others,… still remain cautious.

"It feels so fresh, being out here without a mask on."

"I might keep it on because otherwise, it could make others feel insecure. I'm also concerned about the Delta variant."

But all, are perhaps, happy about one thing: being able to gather with more people
Anyone who's received at least one dose,…won't have to follow the PRIVATE gathering rules when outside.

"All seven of us weren't able to get together for a while it feels really great to see each other finally."

For those fully vaccinated,… the rule applies at indoor settings too.
Slowly, the country takes another step back to normal.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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