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P4G Summit: Achieving sustainability in securing water, energy and food Updated: 2021-05-31 19:45:59 KST

By the year 2050, the global demand for water is expected to increase by up to 30 percent.
But under the current system, experts say that too much water often gets contaminated when trying to source and treat it.
And that's why the water session at P4G Seoul Summit on Monday focused on boosting efficiency and developing renewable energy in water treatments as well as building good water governance.

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"Water runs and circulates across borderstherefore, all stakeholders involved in the water cycle, such as central and local governments, public organizations, companies and citizens should be able to participate in water governance"

On the same day, there was a separate session for energy, under the theme: "A Greener Planet with Innovative Energy Solutions."
There, leaders acknowledged the shared responsibility for the international community to help developing countries achieve growth and carbon neutrality at the same time.

"Countries are starting in very different places…and some especially the advanced economies will need to finish well before the others. This is not a race against each other this is a race against time."

To achieve this shared goal, expanding clean energy technologies such as solar, wind and electric cars, as well as improving energy efficiency, were set as priorities.
And the need to push for innovation in clean energy sources, such as advanced battery technology, was also high on the agenda.

During the session for food and agriculture, experts said transformation in the global food system was needed, especially amid new challenges like the pandemic.
Stressing that the UN expects the global population to grow by 43 percent by 2050,experts urged for the need to secure food in a sustainable way which doesn't do long term harm to the environment.

"We must therefore shift from food systems which are only extracting from nature, learning instead to produce food in ways that benefit nature."

And to achieve their goals, experts from all areas stressed the same thing: joint international efforts at all levels.
And that what was discussed during the P4G Summit in Seoul needs to be put into action.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News
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