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S. Korean researchers develop natural microbial treatment to rid livestock farms of odors Updated: 2021-04-19 05:59:31 KST

This pig farm looks relatively clean,… unlike how you might imagine.
And, it doesn't only look clean,… but it also smells less repulsive.
There are very few pests like flies, and the animals are in good health.
The trick is to spray the farm with a natural microbial treatment.

"There are fewer flies and odors, and I think the feed efficiency is also very good."

The microbial agent ,… developed and patented by South Korea's Rural Development Administration,… is made by mixing microorganisms found in 'kimchi' and soil.
The liquid mixture is created in large quantities and distributed to farmers for free.

"After developing and distributing the medicine to pig farms every week, farmers were happy to see a cleaner environment, and so were people who've been complaining."

This microbial agent has been shown to eliminate 90-percent of ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide, which are the causes of odors on livestock farms.
It is also harmless when it touches the skin or is eaten by animals, and is effective in strengthening the immunity of livestock.

"When combined with ammonia gas in the air,… we were able to see the effect, as the concentration of ammonia gas was reduced."

With the natural microorganism, farms can now remove odors and build a cleaner rural environment.

Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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