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Drone search troops in action, from cleaning oceans to saving lives Updated: 2021-04-13 13:47:28 KST

An incoming report of a missing person at sea calls for a fleet of drones.
They quickly locate the missing person and report the situation to the coast guard, who then sails out to the person's location and pulls them out of the water.
This is the training scene set by a drone search party group in the southeastern port city of Ulsan.
Founded last July, the group has 39 pilots with drone licenses who work as search party troops.

"While doing volunteer work, we started wondering if there was a way for us to help the community. This led us to establish the "Hoen Suri" drone search squad".

In the first year of its establishment, Hoen Suri was busy purifying ocean water and assisting in COVID-19 quarantine work.
Then, just last month, they were first to locate a reported missing woman in her 30s at Daewangam Park.

"There's a great sense of achievement realizing that drones can help out in such search activities. "

One great advantage of using drones is that they can access areas that ships can't like rockfaces. Another benefit is the reduction of labor while increasing efficiency.

"Last year, the drone search troops devoted their efforts towards quarantine projects and purifying the ocean. But going forward, we hope to focus on disaster relief and search operations."

The Ulsan coast guard is looking to increase its drone search activity and would like to expand its equipment inventory and infrastructure.
Lee Eun-jin, Arirang News.
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