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Is COVID-19 worsening or even triggering heart disease? Updated: 2021-04-02 05:38:14 KST

- Is COVID-19 worsening or even triggering heart disease?
- 코로나19, 심혈관계 기저질환에 치명적

2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic but the biggest cause of death was actually heart disease, followed by cancer. Patients with heart problems have been all the more vulnerable to the respiratory disease, and some recovered COVID-19 patients who previously didn't have heart conditions were found to cardiac inflammation and injuries. We ask a health professional how COVID-19 is affecting heart conditions.

미 질병통제예방센터(CDC)는 지난해 코로나19가 미국에서 심장 질환과 암에 이어 세 번째로 많은 사망 원인이었다고 밝혔다. 코로나19 펜데믹 가운데 1위 사망 원인이었던 심장 질환의 취약성은 굉장히 높아 전문가들이 우려를 표하고 있다.

Professor Garry Jennings, Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand representative from the Heart Foundation of Australia

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