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Robots run logistics center amid growth of e-commerce industry Updated: 2021-04-01 07:10:10 KST

Delivery services have become part of our daily lives.
And to make this process faster and more cost-effective, delivery firms are turning to artificial intelligence.

"At this 'smart logistics center,' there are no people carrying around boxes. Instead, robots do all the heavy lifting."

"From when packages arrive, to when they leave, the whole system is automated using robots."

This smart robot, with a 3D camera attached, can accurately move the parcels around.
It can easily pick up small boxes as well and transfer them through the automated trail.
When the boxes are moved upstairs, they're automatically inspected and are ready for delivery workers to take them away.
Aside from moving boxes around, other types of robots can select products or even pack them in a box while making sure the right items go to the right places.
This technology is not taking jobs away, but rather, it's allowing people to focus on more important matters like delivering packages.
People had to manually sort the parcels before going on a delivery, but with the help of these robots, it has reduced that burden.
Another type of robot is being used at hospitals to automatically deliver medicine and other items.

"Basically, they carry the item from the pharmacy to the pediatric department, so they carry the medication or samples because contact-less service is tremendously increasing."

Factories are also becoming more automated.
This gripper can carry heavy pieces of metal and other robots will weld and paint.
So, these machines can make a whole car by themselves.
Then, the forklift will carry the product by checking the sensors on the top and reflectors installed around it.
This will help check the real time location and avoid obstacles.
The transport ministry is planning to help companies build more smart logistics centers and is aiming to support the development of 50 centers this year.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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