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Blizzards in Gangwon-do Province Updated: 2021-03-02 10:48:04 KST

Just when the weather seemed to be warming up for spring with temperatures hitting 16 degrees Celsius in the capital over the weekend, there has been another blast of winter this Monday and Tuesday.
Gangwon-do Province saw the worst of the weather, with blizzards on Monday.
Our Kim Yeon-seung is on the line to tell us more.
Yeon-seung how are things over there?

Well Mark, the snow in Gangwon-do province has thinned down a bit but it's still falling in some areas.
Last night's snow piled up to almost a meter high in places causing traffic problems.
Just last night, hundreds of cars were stuck on the highways.
And, in Inje County, a pine tree fell across the road, after being weighed down by the snow last night.
Work is underway to reopen roads in Gangwon-do Province, but the region's mountainous landscape makes it hard for the snow-clearers to reach some areas.

It is the first day of school today, but what about the students in Gangwon-do province?
Will they also be able to get to class amid all this snow?

No Mark, 66 schools in Gangwon-do province have made the inevitable decision to make the first day of school, a snow day.
41 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, 11 high schools, and one special education school will be shutting down for the day.
Like I said before, snow removal is taking quite a while, making it difficult and dangerous for students to take the road to school.
Well that's all I have for now, so back to you Mark
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