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Gov't to resume its discount acitivites for industries hit by COVID-19 Updated: 2020-10-20 05:58:14 KST

The South Korean government's coupon program for consumers will start again later this week, first for businesses that are able to accomodate customers safely.
Specifically, starting on Thursday, live performances like musicals, concerts and plays will offer discounts of up to 7 U.S. dollars or 8-thousand Korean won per ticket when bought online through ticketing sites.
For exhibitions at museums and art galleries, discounts will also be available at the door.
Cinemas will be giving discounts starting at the end of the month.
Those you can get when reserving online.
Fitness centers and gyms will get help from the government to bring their customers back too.
The coupons could run out eventually because there are limits for each category, but there'll be around 7-and-a-half million issued in total.
To qualify for the program, businesses have to agree to follow the quarantine rules.

"Under the principle of thorough quarantine management, businesses applying for the coupons are obligated to comply with core quarantine rules. Discount vouchers will be issued to consumers only if they too agree to comply with the quarantine rules."

When the coupon program was first tried back in August, it had to be stopped when there was a resurgence of COVID-19.
This time, the restaurant and lodging industries have been excluded because they have a higher risk in terms of the virus spreading.
The government says, however, that it'll be looking for the right time to help these industries as well.
President Moon said that, for the economy, now is when a program like this is needed.

"In that sense, it's a golden time for an economic recovery. We should double pan-governmental efforts to enhance the strength of the economy."

He also said that the government is aware that the fastest way to boost the economy is to beat COVID-19.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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