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National Museum of Korea creates immersive digital gallery for visitors Updated: 2020-05-22 17:23:33 KST

Welcome to Anak Tomb Number 3.
People in mural paintings from the Goguryeo Kingdom move as if they were alive, showing what daily life was like in Korea 1500 years ago.
The National Museum of Korea has turned three Goguryeo mural tombs into an immersive digital gallery.

“Goguryeo mural tombs are Korean cultural heritage worth preserving, designated as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. We can't go there and even if we could visit, we wouldn’t be able to go inside. We have restored them in 3D,. making them into an immersive digital experience.”

It's time to enjoy King Jeongjo's royal procession.
To mark his mother's sixtieth birthday, the King accompanied his mother on an excursion to Hwaseong.
Ordinary citizens watching the procession could enjoy court and civilian performances, and the night was lit up by torches all fully digitalized on the wide screen.
Another painting depicts the different seasons of Mount Geumgang.
This too, was recreated by combining several landscapes by different painters.

"The painting ‘The City of Supreme Peace’ from the Joseon Dynasty is visualized on an eight-panel folding screen, showing detailed aspects of city life with more than 21-hundred animated people.”

Upon touching on the screen, visitors can even enjoy several interactive games with characters moving inside the picture.

“I think it is a good idea to do that because it’s a great mix between history and technology and also we are very happy that we can have it in English too."

During the day, this ten-story stone pagoda shows elaborate sculptures and images of Buddhist culture.
Every Wednesday and Saturday night at 8 PM, with the use of media facade technology, colorful scenes telling the stories of each level are displayed on the pagoda.
Through these kinds of immersive digital content, the National Museum of Korea is giving visitors a unique experience.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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