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Digital therapeutics enabling patients to treat themselves through mobile apps Updated: 2020-05-11 17:07:11 KST

Digital therapeutics are a type of software that is clinically regulated and designed to treat certain diseases without patients needing to see a doctor.
The technology uses behavioral therapy to treat the patient based on their active engagement throughout the process.
This smart belt, made by the company 'WELT', diagnoses a disease called Sarcopenia, and has a fall risk assessment feature which won a 2020 CES innovation award.

“Sarcopenia, which is decrease in muscle in the aging population, can cause the fall and through the belt we can measure gait pattern including gait speed and gait balance and we can diagnose this Sarcopenia risk and we can calculate the risk of fall before they fall.”

A patient can start the three-month treatment program afterwards by using an app, which helps improve their muscle condition.
Another type of digital therapy, by a company named 'LifeSemantics', is ready to be launched too.

"This mobile application 'Epil breath' is also a type of digital therapeutic that enables patients with respiratory diseases to do the optimal amount of remedial exercise by recording their health conditions such as oxygen levels."

'Epil care' helps patients with cancer recover their strength by providing guidelines on remedial exercises, pills and diet based on their condition.
The CEO says South Korea could have a head-start given that it is good at fusing together different technologies.

"Digital therapeutics is a fusion service, mixing existing medical products, services and clinical knowledge so South Korea might have an advantage. Since not all patients can go to medical centers, using these tools at home could be an efficient and effective allocation of medical resources."

Such tools based on sophisticated algorithms are likely to become more common in the future, enabling patients to better monitor their health.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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