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Talk VCR Covid 19 diagnostic test kits Updated: 2020-04-09 12:10:10 KST

South Korea has been praised globally for
its swift and coordinated response to COVID-19.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 90 countries have asked South Korea
to export medical supplies including
test kits. If the requests made through civil channels are taken into account,
the number rises to 121.

The sheer number of requests suggests that South Korea is increasingly being viewed as a model to emulate.

The country is also taking the lead in
setting the international standards for
diagnosing various infectious diseases.

South Korea's standard for real-time
polymerase chain reactions, or RT-PCR, has been approved by the International
Standard Organization as a Draft International Standard.

What does the standard entail?

International standardization is a long and
complicated process.

For the past ten years, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has worked with the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards as
well as private sector businesses to develop an effective diagnostic method.

What does the latest approval mean for
South Korean businesses producing diagnostic test kits
We hope South Korea’s advanced diagnostic technique will help healthcare professionals around the world stay ahead in the fight
against infectious diseases.
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