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All arrivals to S. Korea to self-quarantine for 2 weeks Updated: 2020-04-01 10:06:17 KST

We start with news that as of twelve hours ago South Korea is requiring ALL people arriving from overseas to self-isolate themselves for two full weeks.
The measure comes as the South Korean government tries to hinder the spread of the coronavirus, more specifically, the number of imported cases.
For more, we have our Yoon Jung-min live, at the nation's main gateway, Incheon International Airport.
Jung-min, big changes. How is the airport handling the strain?

So far so good it seems. As of midnight on this first day of April, all arrivals from abroad are to self-quarantine for two weeks, regardless of their nationality or where they departed from.
So you should keep that in mind if you are visiting or plan to come to South Korea from today.
Once people arrive at airports, they will be informed of the quarantine rules, and asked to download an app so the health authorities can track their whereabouts.
To prevent the arrivals from using public transportation, there will be special buses or trains for them.
They strongly recommend arrivals use their own cars if they have them.
I've talked to one of the visitors about those procedures. Take a listen.

"When I get in here, they asked download an app. and they asked me to stay at home for two weeks. They're checking temperatures all the times."

People displaying symptoms will be tested at the airport upon arrival.
If you don't have symptoms, you will be ordered to self-isolate at home or at quarantine facilities for at least 14 days.
If you've been authorized by the South Korean embassy to visit the country for special purposes, you will be exempt from the self-quarantine as long as you don't have symptoms.
Those who break the rules may face legal punishment.
And Mark, all this, as the government aims to curb the steady inflow of imported coronavirus cases without having to close the border.

On a separate note,… the South Korean government is also bringing back its citizens from Italy, one of the countries hit hardest by the virus.
And the first group is arriving on a chartered flight this afternoon?

That's right. More than 500 South Koreans are being brought back home from Italy.
Today, more than 300 people will return, and the rest will arrive tomorrow.
This comes as Italy has one of the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases in the world, at more than one hundred-thousand so far.
Authorities are checking the passengers' temperatures before they board the plane in Italy, and they will be sent to quarantine facilities when they arrive in Korea.
That's all from me at this hour. Mark.
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