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Number of COVID-19 cases in S. Korea exceeds 2,000 Updated: 2020-02-28 09:58:17 KST

Surging coronavirus cases here in South Korea.
As of early today, the country has now over two-thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19.
For the latest on this, our Choi Jeong-yoon is on the line for us.
So Jeong-yoon, health authorities confirmed hundreds more infections today.

That's right. South Korea confirmed 2-hundred-56 more coronavirus cases on Friday morning.
This brings the total number in the country to two,22.
Since South Korea's first confirmed case in January 20th, the number of cases has taken just 39 days to surpass the two thousand mark.
Over 80 percent of the cases are in the southeastern city of Daegu and the surrounding Gyeongsangbuk-do Province.
Daegu alone has more than one thousand-three hundred cases as of 10 AM Friday.
South Korea also reported its 13th death on Thursday.
The 74-year old man from Daegu was one of those with a connection to the Shincheonji religious group.
Having fever and a cough, he was waiting to be hospitalized on Tuesday due to a shortage of beds.
But the patient started to have difficulty breathing on Thursday morning and died after receiving CPR.
Meanwhile, 25 people from the army have tested positive for the virus.
The defense ministry said nearly ten thousand soldiers are being quarantined.
They have put soldiers who've visited Daegu, Gyeongsangbuk-do province, or countries with lots of COVID-19 cases into quarantine regardless of their symptoms as a preventive measure.

And we know that the virus has been spreading rather quickly since the case involving the religious group Shin-cheon-ji.
How is the government dealing with that?

The Korean government is tracking down all of Shincheonji's followers.
It has obtained the complete list of the group's roughly 310-thousand members.
This includes an additional list of some 60-thousand people considered to be in the group's initiation process.
The central countermeasure headquarters said out of some one-hundred-ten-thousand followers who've been identified, more than one,six-hundred people are being quarantined in their homes.
Another one,two-hundred are waiting for their test results.
About half of all confirmed patients are related to the Shincheonji religious group.
Since the nation's 31st patient, who turned out to be a Shincheonji follower, was reported in Daegu on February 18th, the number of confirmed cases in South Korea has skyrocketed.
The 61-year old woman attended Shincheonji services twice in the ten days before she was confirmed to be infected.
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