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East Africa hit by desert locust swarm; China could be affected if control efforts fail: Experts Updated: 2020-02-19 06:59:58 KST

A staggering number of locusts are causing chaos in East Africa.
Some experts are raising the possibility that the gigantic swarms could make their way to China if the region fails to get a handle on the outbreak.
For more on this and other news from around the world, let's turn to our Yoon Jung-min.
Jung-min, tell us more.

Mark, East Africa has been suffering from hundreds of thousands of desert locusts for months.
The overwhelming number of insects are wreaking havoc on crops and pasture there.
Experts in China say it's less likely the swarms move all the way to China now, but have raised the possibility that the country could be hit by a wave of the insects if the outbreak isn't brought under control by the summer.
The swarms have already spread to South Sudan.
Sudan is already facing hunger, and the UN food agency has warned of a more acute food crisis in East Africa because of the swarm.
Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia are reporting their worst infestations in decades.
Experts say spraying pesticides from sky is the most effective way to combat the swarms, but unfortunately, countries in the region don't have the right resources.
The UN body says the locusts are breeding so fast that numbers could grow 500-fold by June.
It estimates there are about 360-billion locusts in the region, and is calling on the international community for help.
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