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Wuhan coronavirus spreading across the world, 3 confirmed in Europe Updated: 2020-01-25 14:36:26 KST

China is on high alert after health authorities confirmed some 1-thousand 2-hundred 87 cases of infection and 41 deaths.
A two-year-old baby is reported to be among the confirmed patients, and a doctor who was suspected of having the virus died on Saturday according to the South China Morning Post, marking the first death of a medical professional from this recent outbreak.

Yet, China is not the only country on alert, as the virus has now reached Europe.
According to the French Health Minister on Friday, three patients in France were confirmed with the virus.

One patient is a 48-year-old man, who reportedly traveled through the city of Wuhan, and is now hospitalized in Bordeaux.
The other two patients are reported to be family relations, and no other information on them is yet known, except that they are hospitalized in Paris.

Health authorities in Australia also confirmed that a Chinese man in his 50s is infected with the virus.
He is currently in quarantine, and is reported to have come to Australia from China last Sunday.

Southern Asia also saw the first confirmed patient, in Nepal.
The patient, a student who came back from Wuhan, tested positive on Friday according to the Nepal health authorities.

Two patients were also confirmed to have the Wuhan coronavirus in South Korea, a 35-year-old Chinese woman and 55-year-old Korean man, both from Wuhan.
Both of them are reportedly in a stable condition.

Confirmed cases are being reported in other countries too, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and the U.S..

Meanwhile, North Korea is boosting its efforts to prevent the virus from spreading to the country.
According to related sources on Saturday, 'Air China' flights that travel between Beijing and Pyeongyang have been cancelled for the time being, and foreigners in North Korea are also banned from traveling to China.
There is not a confirmed case of the Wuhan coronavirus yet in North Korea.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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