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Electric stoves require attention to safety to prevent fires, burns Updated: 2019-10-23 07:09:45 KST

From July to early October, three fires were caused by electric stoves at homes with cats.
The stoves were switched on when the cats nudged the touch screen power button.
There are two types of electric stoves that are common in Korea.
The conventional electric stove heats the top plate using heat rays …and the induction stove directly heats the cookware through electromagnetic induction.
Neither of them cause fire sparks and induction stoves only heat up special cookware.

Although electric stoves tend to be safer than gas stoves, they still require people to be careful when using them.
Just like locking the valve of the gas stove when not in use, …electric stoves should be unplugged.
If pulling out the power plug is too bothersome, using a power extension with a switch can make things easier.
Also, flammable materials must of course be kept away from electric stoves.

"Induction affects objects with a magnetic force so metal objects must be kept off of it even when not in use."

The top plates of conventional electric stoves stay hot after use, so users should watch out not only for fires but also burns.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.
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