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S. Korean soldiers deployed overseas celebrate Chuseok far from home Updated: 2019-09-13 12:13:26 KST

For Korean soldiers deployed overseas, duty to their country keeps them away from home this Chuseok.
But they still find ways to share some holiday cheer.
The Ark unit, dispatched to the United Arab Emirates, are playing a traditional game called Yutnori.
They throw four wooden sticks to try to return all of the team's tokens back to the start the first team to do that wins.
Look ma, no hands
They also compete in jegichagi, similar to Hacky Sack, and it's clear who's winning and who's losing.
Sailors deployed to the Gulf of Aden, the Cheonghae Unit, fighting pirates off the coast of Somalia perform ancestral rites on deck, and the Army's Hanbit Unit, taking part in United Nations' peacekeeping missions in South Sudan, send greetings to the South Korean people.

"Salute This is Captain Lee Jeong-hwa of the Hanbit Unit. We'll do our best to complete our mission in South Sudan with pride, representing the Republic of Korea. Happy holidays Salute "

Messages also come from Korea's Dongmyung Unit, taking part in UN peacekeeping missions in Lebanon aimed at confirming Israel's withdrawal from the country, and restoring international peace and security.

"My lovely family, how are you? It's a shame that I couldn't celebrate this Chuseok with you but I'll see you when the snowflakes fall this winter. Enjoy the holiday. I love you lots."

The number of military personnel dispatched overseas totals some 11-hundred.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
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