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Heatwave alert issued nationwide; Typhoon AERE on its way to Korean Peninsula
Updated: 2022-07-03 08:59:36 KST
South Korea this weekend is experiencing a heatwave -- the capital getting close to 35 degrees Celsius, or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
A heatwave alert has been issued, this one two weeks earlier than the first one last year.
And by Tuesday, a typhoon will be bearing down on the Korean Peninsula.
Kim Dami reports.

After suffering all the recent rain that inundated the country's central region, South Korea is now under scorching hot weather, so hot that the safety ministry issued a nationwide heatwave alert on Saturday.
It's the third-highest heat alert, issued when the daily temperature ceiling in over 40 percent of the country reaches 33 degrees Celcius or higher for at least three straight days.
Issued 18 days earlier compared to last year, the latest alert applied to around 92 percent of the country.
The capital Seoul reached 34 Celcius, and up to 36 Celcius in the notoriously well-known for roasting hot weather, Daegu city.
Under the alert, the safety ministry is reviewing measures to support workers and people vulnerable to such weather conditions, including elderly farmers, construction workers, and senior single-person households.
The efforts also include preparing protective procedures for agriculture, livestock, and fisheries, as well as possible power outages.
The scorching weather is projected to last until Monday, but that doesn't mean the monsoon season is over.
The year's fourth typhoon, AERE, is heading towards the Korean Peninsula.
After forming over waters in Japan's Okinawa, the typhoon is forecast to reach waters near Jeju Island by Tuesday, bringing heavy rain to the island and southern regions.
Monsoon season will be back after AERE.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.
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