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[IN-DEPTH] World's airports suffering from 'aviation crisis' due to sudden high demand for travel
Updated: 2022-07-01 17:18:40 KST
Now that much of South Korea's COVID-19 travel and quarantine restrictions have been lifted, many people are now looking to head out, see their friends again and even travel overseas.
A phrase known as "revenge travel" is trending these days as many people are looking to make up for lost time and book tickets to their favorite travel destinations.
But lately, the massive demand for travel has caused chaos at many airports across the globe.

So what is this aviation crisis all about? And what can be done to solve the problem?

For this we are joined by Bae So-young, Professor at Kyung Hee University's College of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

1. Firstly, can you walk us through, if restrictions have been lifted or not for the majority of the world's travel destinations?

2. It seems that airline industry is unable to meet the high demand. Over in the U.S. and Europe, the so-called aviation crisis has led to thousands of travelers being stranded at airports. Can you explain to us what the whole situation is about? What exactly is causing the crisis?

3. South Korea is currently under the monsoon season but after this, we will definitely see more people traveling for summer. How do you see the chances of such a crisis happening here? And how are we preparing for it?

4. How could the aviation crisis be solved? And when do you expect the system to be normalized?

5. Now as the situation gets better, countries across the world will be gearing up to bring life back to their tourism sectors by attracting more foreign tourists.
Currently with South Korea's accomplishments of dealing relatively well with the pandemic and with the Hallyu wave spreading across the globe, how do you expect South Korea's tourism industry to develop post-COVID?

Let's hope that day would come soon, Professor Bae, thank you for sharing with us your insights.
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