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Yoon, Biden, Kishida agree on military cooperation against N. Korea's nuclear threats
Updated: 2022-07-01 17:14:19 KST
Three countries shore up security cooperation against North Korea's nuclear programs.
Having met U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida for a three-way meeting on the sidelines of the NATO summit this week, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol signaled on his way back home moves toward trilateral security cooperation part of which involves the military.

"We have agreed in principle that certain forms of military security cooperation are desirable, and having been suspended for a considerable time, should be resumed in response to North Korea's nuclear programs."

He added that at the NATO meeting, world leaders focused much on the war in Ukraine and North Korea's nuclear programs, and there have been calls for stern responses to the nuclear threat.

When asked, he again dismissed concerns about a potential backlash from China over South Korea joining the summit.

"It's not about excluding a specific country. It's about universal values and rules that we all should abide by, whether in domestic affairs or in international relations."

On the Seoul-Tokyo relationship, strained over historical issues, the President said the two nations should discuss pending issues and future-oriented cooperation all together at the same time.

Much of Yoon's NATO trip also centered on economic security, exports and arms sales.
Promoting South Korea's nuclear energy to European leaders whom he said were interested in nuclear power because of their carbon neutrality goals and the energy crisis triggered by the Ukraine war this is how Yoon appealed to them:

"I told them that South Korean nuclear power is the most affordable and the safest in the world, and that we have the capacity to finish construction the soonest."

And not just that the South Korean leader also asked them to support the country's bid to host the 2030 World Expo in the southern port city of Busan.
Having wrapped up his three-day stay in Spain, President Yoon returned home on Friday.
Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.
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