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Rain subsides with showers in inland regions
Updated: 2022-07-01 10:03:58 KST
Good Friday afternoon The rain clouds have moved north,, heavy rain in central parts has subsided Instead,, heat alerts are currently criss-crossing the country with Seoul topping off at 31 degrees Please keep yourself cool and hydrated, to protect yourself from heat-related illnesses

Sudden heat is making the air unsettled Later today, some eastern inland regions will see some rain, 5 to 60mm,,, which could be accompanied by lightning and gusts The ground has already been weakened by the heavy rain So be careful of weak spots

And we have to factor in the third typhoon of the season, CHABA, which could indirectly affect Korea,,, and a tropical low pressure system, from the south-east,, moving northward,,, which could result in heavy rain across the country,,, keep an eye on the weather forecast,, and we'll let you know if anything changes

We're about to wrap up the week with blazing hot weather, with Seoul reaching 34 degrees And some rain in southern regions and Jeju island on Sunday

Now, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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