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N. Korea traces its first COVID-19 cases back to inter-Korean border
Updated: 2022-07-01 08:05:16 KST
North Korea says it has traced its first COVID-19 cases back to a region near the inter-Korean border.
According to the Korean Central News Agency, the regime's health authorities concluded the "malicious virus" first spread from Ipo-ri in Kumgang-gun County of the regime's Kangwon-do Province in mid-April after a soldier and a young child came into contact with what the KNCA calls a "peculiar object" in the woods.
The North appears to be referring to balloon-tied, anti-Pyeongyang leaflets that South Koreans have sent across.
The North's Ipo-ri borders South Korea's Inje-gun and Yanggu-gun counties in Gangwon-do Province.
Citing the regime's health authorities, the KCNA also reported around four,570 new cases of what it's been calling a "fever."
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