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Minimum wage talks for 2023 resume as deadline approaches
Updated: 2022-06-29 16:41:38 KST
Negotiations continue on next year's minimum wage in South Korea.
Labor and business have revised their proposals again in today's round of talks underway in Sejong City at the Minimum Wage Commision.
Labor unions have lowered their demand this time to 10,80 Korean won, which is about 7 U.S. dollars and 80 cents.
Thats down about 1 cent from the second revised proposal.
The business community has raised their proposal to 9-thousand 3-hundred-30 won.
Up 2 cents to around 7 dollars and 20 cents.
The deadline for a deal is coming up at midnight.
If there's no deal, members on the committee representing the public interest will make their own proposal.
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