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World News: Scotland announces plan for second independence referendum in 2023
Updated: 2022-06-29 06:03:45 KST
Let's take a look at what's going on in 'The World Now'.

Scotland has announced plans to hold a second independence referendum on October 19th, 2023.
The statement was made on Tuesday by Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who also pledged to take the issue to the Supreme Court should the British government attempt to block the vote.
Sturgeon has asked for formal consent of the secession vote from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a written letter,.. but plans to press ahead regardless of the response.
In the previous 2014 referendum, 55-percent of Scottish voters decided against independence.
But this was followed by the Brexit vote less than two years later, which the majority of Scots rejected.
The UK government has said it will examine the First Minister's latest proposals, but added that "now is not the time" for a referendum.
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