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N. Korean, Russian officials meet to discuss COVID cooperation, WHO concerned
Updated: 2022-05-18 05:48:17 KST
North Korea reported 2-hundred-32,8-hundred-80 new "fever" cases on Tuesday with six more deaths.
That brings the total to over 1.7 million and 62 deaths as of 6 PM, Tuesday.
The state-run Korean Central News Agency said Wednesday, that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un discussed nationwide antivirus measures during a politburo meeting.
He criticized the regime's inability to cope with the outbreak and blasted senior officials once again for revealing the North's vulnerabilities.
As infections skyrocket, the regime has reached out to one of its closest allies.
North Korea's Ambassador to Russia, Sin Hong-chul, met on Tuesday with Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov in Moscow.
They discussed ways to contain the virus as well as other bilateral issues.
Russian ambassadors in Pyeongyang, meanwhile, are reported to have been under a strict lockdown ever since the virus broke out.
The World Health Organization is also concerned about the situation.
The WHO's Emergencies Director, Mike Ryan, said Tuesday that it's certainly worrying if countries like North Korea are not using the available tools like vaccines to contain COVID-19.
He added there's always a higher risk of new variants emerging if there's unchecked transmission.
But according to the organization, North Korea has not yet officially reported the outbreak to the WHO.
LEE Ji-yoon, Arirang News.
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