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N. Korea reports 269,510 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday; military starts medicine supply operations in Pyeongyang
Updated: 2022-05-17 13:19:10 KST

North Korea reported nearly 2-hundred-70-thousand new cases of COVID-19 or what it calls a "fever of an unknown cause" on Tuesday.
This is according to state-run Korean Central News Agency who reported the tally from 6PM Sunday to 6 PM Monday.
It also added that six have died in the same 24 hour period while more than a hundred-and-70-thousand have fully recovered.
This marks a drop from the day before when the KCNA reported nearly 400-thousand patients with symptoms.
So far nearly 1.5 million cases have been confirmed by the North.
However the actual number is expected to be much higher considering the lack of testing kits in the North.
In the meantime, the regime's military has started a round-the-clock operation to deliver medicine to all pharmacies in Pyeongyang.
Kim Jong-un personally ordered the operation on Sunday during a politburo meeting where he criticized health officials for the lack of medical supplies in the North.
Officials from the ruling Worker's Party including Kim himself have been visiting pharmacies both in the capital and beyond to check virus prevention systems.
The KCNA said the regime is working to implement policies that will provide equitable medical supplies and treatment across the North.
Meanwhile South Korean media reported that the North had begun purchasing medical supplies from China last month signaling the regime may have known about the spread before it announced a COVID-19 case only a few days ago.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
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