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Eco-friendly cars on show at 'Seoul Mobility Show'
Updated: 2021-11-26 13:44:31 KST
A futuristic vehicle where you can enjoy the party spirit during the drive.
A dash of 70s and 80s nostalgia with an electric car based on Hyundai's classic 'Pony'.
An AI program that lets drivers control their car just by speaking.

Ari, could you play some exciting music?

I'll play "Love Game" by Lovelyz

Visitors can encounter all these at South Korea's biggest motor show the Seoul Mobility Show.
The 10 day event which opens to public on Friday has been held since 1995.
This year, more than 100 companies and institutions from six countries are showcasing their latest mobility technologies.
But there weren't that many gas guzzlers at this year's show as many companies are going green.

"The show was organized under the theme of 'Sustainable Connected Mobility'. Currently, global auto companies are focused on making eco-friendly cars their main products."

19 brand new models including the latest offerings from Kia and Mercedes Benz are being unveiled at the show.

One of the hottest vehicles showcased at the event was Kia's eco-friendly car ‘the all-new Niro', which the company unveiled with the goal of becoming a ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider' ."

Niro is the model that leads Kia's eco-friendly line-up and is to go on sale early next year.
A Kia executive said that every new vehicle that the company brings out will strengthen its vision of sustainable mobility.

"The sustainable mobility is very important to us. The Kia Niro respects the idea of mobility in many ways. For example, aerodynamics was very important to us. Efficiency was very important to us. But also if you look on the interior, we use recyclable materials."

Mercedes Benz also revealed its latest electric car model 'the new EQS' showing how it can go electric without compromising on its brand.

"The transformation of Mercedes Benz towards electricity is in full swing and that we are further going to boost the industries shift to electric we are doing this in the fundamental belief that the future is electric."

The mobility show was not just about the vehicles but also about the infrastructure that will support the transition to the era of electric cars.
Hyundai said it will test operate its portable electric vehicle rechargers starting in December and will expand its recharging infrastructure in major cities across South Korea.
Eum Ji-young Arirang News.
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