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U.S. reconnaissance aircraft spotted flying over Korean Peninsula to monitor N. Korea: Reports
Updated: 2021-10-22 17:02:41 KST
A U.S. reconnaissance aircraft flew over the Korean Peninsula on Friday reportedly to monitor North Korea's military movements following South Korea's launch of rocket Nuri on Thursday.
According to Aviation tracker "Flightradar24," the U.S. Air Force's R-C-1-3-5-W Rivet Joint flew back and forth between the west and east coasts multiple times.
It is seen as a move to monitor any possible ballistic missile launches by the North, which the South Korean and U.S. military authorities see as being highly likely.
The Rivet Joint aircraft can detect telemetry signals before missile launches and can track warhead trajectories.
The plane was spotted flying over the Korean Peninsula last month too when North Korea test-fired a hypersonic missile.
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