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In-depth: Global market wrap-up
Updated: 2021-10-22 13:38:04 KST
Time now for an in-depth look at the market news this afternoon.
And for that, I'm joined on the line by Mr. Daniel Yoo, Global Strategist at Yuanta Securites.
Mr. Yoo, thanks for coming on today.

Thank you.

Let's start with the U.S. economy. The latest beige book report from the Federal Reserve shows that growth has slowed in the past couple of months to a moderate rate.
It says the economy is held back by supply chain issues and a shortage of workers, but on the whole the outlook is still positive. Tell us about the beige book and what you take away from it.

And now the markets. The S&P 500 hit an all-time high on Thursday gaining for seven straight days thanks to strong corporate earnings. The Nasdaq also was up but the Dow Jones was down. What's the story in the U.S. market?

Turning to Korean markets
The KOSPI closed lower today the market remaining choppy after starting lower this morning. The KOSPI closed just a little over 3-thousand but it fell below that mark at one point today.
The KOSDAQ, on the other hand, was up. Tell us about the domestic market.

South Korea's producer price index hit a record-high in September, rising for the eleventh month in a row. The central bank says it's because of higher prices of industrial goods like oil, raw materials and chemical products. Tell us more about that.

That was Mr. Daniel Yoo, Global Strategist at Yuanta Securites.
Thank you for your insights.
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