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ON POINT: Expert's take on Dokdo Day celebrations and issues with Japan
Updated: 2021-10-22 04:55:55 KST
Now it's time for On Point, where we speak to experts to delve deeper into the biggest stories in the news right now.
Next Monday - October 25th - South Korea marks Dokdo Day to commemorate the importance of the country's easternmost islets and to celebrate the nation's regained sovereignty after Japan's colonization in the early to mid 20th century.
Ever since Korea wrestled back its sovereignty after the Japanese surrender in World War Two, the ownership of Dokdo has been one of the most thorny diplomatic issues between Seoul and Tokyo.

Right. Despite a mountain of historical evidence that shows Dokdo is Korean territory, Japan still - to this day - insists the islets belong to Japan and teaches this falsehood to the next generation in Japanese schools.
For more on the issue of Dokdo and its ongoing impact on South Korea-Japan ties, we are joined by Hyun Dae-song, a Research Fellow at the Korea Maritime Institute.
For our international viewers who might not be up to speed on Dokdo - briefly tell us more about Dokdo itself. Also, walk us through the most compelling historical evidence that shows Dokdo has always been part of Korea's territory.

Tell us more about Dokdo Day itself. When did Korea start marking it every year and what events will be held across the country, including on and around the islets themselves?

Dokdo is one of numerous issues that continues to drive a diplomatic wedge between the South Korean and Japanese governments. Do you foresee a time when Tokyo drops the issue, accepts the historical evidence and admits it was wrong?

Finally, Japan also has a long record of contesting islands with other countries. It's locked in feuds with China, Russia and even Taiwan. Some argue that, if Tokyo were to relinquish of its claim to Dokdo, it would weaken Tokyo's claims to the other islands. What's your take on that view?

Well, My Hyun, we appreciate you coming on to tell us more about Dokdo and Dokdo Day.
Thanks and hopefully we can speak again soon.
That was Hyun Dae-song, Research Fellow at the Korea Maritime Institute.
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