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Typical late autumn weather, rain for east coast
Updated: 2021-10-22 05:46:14 KST
Before we continue with the rest of the day's news, let's get a check on the weather, getting out of the studio this morning, is our weathercaster Lee Jeehyun, who is at World Cup Park in western Seoul.

Jeehyun, it feels like it jumped straight from summer to winter, skipping autumn entirely.
Just a couple of weeks ago we were seeing days with highs nearing 30 degrees Celsius, but now it's unseasonably cold. What's going on?

Good morning. Well, many weather experts are saying that global warming is affecting weather patterns.
Melting ice in the Arctic is causing colder air to move southwards.
With that said, this year's winter is forecast to be colder than average years.
This also applies to our neighboring countries as well.
We need to well prepare for some harsh winter days ahead.

Now about today's weather's another cold start to the daythe thermometer is pointing at 6 degrees Celsius.
In fact, conditions will be similar to yesterday with wide gaps in the readings under sunny skies for most areas.

But east coast regions will see another round of rainfall, 5 to 30 millimeters possibly with thunder and lightning.

} Inland areas are waking up to lots of morning fog, please drive with care, it should burn off as the day goes on. Low to mid single digits to start the day.

Highs will be similar to yesterday, Seoul at 16 degrees, Gwangju and Daejeon at 17 degrees Celsius.

It's easy to come down with the cold around this time so take care of yourself. I will be back with more at the end of the newscast.
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