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Annual Seoul Int'l Music Festival to kick off on Oct. 23 with theme 'Amusement Park'
Updated: 2021-10-21 15:05:34 KST
It must be tough to get hold of tickets with just a limited number of people able to attend, how about classical music performances? What can we expect?

Well, one of the major annual events for classical music lovers is the Seoul International Music Festival, which starts this Saturday and runs until October 30th.
The theme this year is the "Amusement Park", through which the festival wanted to reflect the ideals and hopes we took for granted before the pandemic began.
The opening concert is titled "Ring Ring Ring", at which Richard Strauss' Horn Concerto and the artistic director's new symphony will be played.
The director says his 75-minute symphony was inspired by his own nephews and nieces who could not go to school regularly due to the pandemic, and that he took inspiration from sonnets written by Shakespeare.

"Shakespeare had wrote some sonnets when he was isolated during the plague, and I composed the music inspired by the text. The fear of disease and craving for a return to daily lives around two to three hundred years ago is being repeated again and I wanted to show how artists turned that into art that consoled people."

"The piece's name is "Ring Ring Ring" and the bell sound feels like it's delivering hope that the pandemic will be over soon and how we are getting ready to live new normal lives."

Like you said, the festival goes on until the last day of October and I bet each show will be mesmerizing, but could you recommend a show that visitors might be interested in?

Well the artistic director did recommend the show "Merry-Go-Round".
It's the festival's closing recital and features 12 cellists both domestic and from overseas.
It is not only very hard to bring 12 well-recognized cellists together in one place, but also the cellos give a very stable sound with a wide range of musical notes so it will feel like a unique orchestra.

Interesting. Thank you Bo-kyoung for sharing these cultural events. I will see you next week.

Thank you.
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