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Paying tribute and showing gratitude on UN Day
Updated: 2021-10-21 15:05:46 KST
Now it's time for our regular arts and culture segment to let our viewers know what cultural activities are going on in Korea. Our culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung is in the studio with us. Bo-kyoung, this Sunday happens to be United Nations Day, celebrating the official creation of the UN. South Korea has special ties with the UN as it helped South Korea during the Korean War and helped put the armistice in place. Are there any special events to commemorate United Nations Day?

Yes, like you said, South Korea has special ties with the United Nations as the UN's participation in the Korean War was the first and the only case in which the collective security system -- the purpose of the UN's establishment was actually implemented. Since the armistice agreement, the UN has been actively performing supervision tasks to maintain the armistice and restore the peace on the Korean Peninsula. To not only thank the UN for such endeavors but also to thank the countries that took part in the Korean War, the War Memorial of Korea came up with a special culture week.

The Eighth Army Band's melody plays in tribute to the veterans who took part in the Korean War.
On October 24th, 1945, the United Nations was established to ensure the common prosperity of the international community, and when the Korean War broke out in 1950, it played a key role in bringing peace to the peninsula.

"Not long after the UN's creation, it activated the collective security system for the first time and intervened in the Korean War in support of South Korea, which eventually led it to contribute to the international community as a middle power country."

To thank the UN and war veterans from around the world, the memorial has come up with the very first "UN Culture Week" which runs until October 24th.
It features a wide range of events including exhibitions showing the timeline of the Korean War along with introductions of countries that sent troops.

"Among the participants in the war was Colombia -- the only member state in South America to officially dispatch troops to the Korean Peninsula. In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Colombia's participation, a special exhibition was prepared."

There are also special talk sessions with ambassadors.
As one of the nations of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, the Polish ambassador was the first to hold a talk.
Sharing the tragic story of Korean orphans who were brought up in Poland, he stressed how it is important to know the past to avoid a repeat of the tragedy.

"If you find the remedy how to prevent wars, I would congratulate you whole-heartedly. No one can find it. It depends on the will of the people and to find, to compromise and consensus not to refer to the argument of power but rather to find the power of argument. This is a big difference."

Experts invited to discuss the issue of keeping peace on peninsula say it is important to remember that inter-Korean relations are a global issue.

"I think our Korean government should remember that we are not only focusing on North Korean issue related to national issues but also international issue where we need a global cooperation to solve the problem."

Sharing gratitude and paying tribute to those from around the world who died during the Korean War, the events share hope for a peaceful future. (PKG )

Visiting the War Memorial of Korea on Sunday would be very meaningful in that regard. I assume the UN must be holding a special event to celebrate the day?

Yes, as a hybrid format with part live and part pre-recorded performances, the "UN Day Concert" will be held on Thursday at 7PM Eastern time, under the theme "Building Back Together for Peace and Prosperity".
Sponsored by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, the concert will feature renowned violinists Angela and Jennifer Chun who played on stage on the day of both South and North's entry to the UN in 1991.
Other well-recognized Korean sopranos and an orchestra will appear in the concert, along with K-pop band aespa.
The show can be seen through the United Nations official YouTube channel.
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