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S. Korean to hold public hearing Monday on 'Living with COVID-19' plan
Updated: 2021-10-21 15:03:47 KST

South Korea will soon start taking gradual steps back to normal life.
The authorities said Thursday that they're going to hold a public hearing next Monday on plans for "Living with COVID-19."
At the hearing, they'll be soliciting feedback on ways to ease the social distancing measures while staying vigilant in stopping the virus.
Once the plan is announced in detail, it'll be implemented from November first.
Meanwhile, South Korea's top health official says the country will soon have 70 percent of its population fully vaccinated sometime around this weekend or by next Monday.
To reach that goal, there are still about 1.3-5 million people left to vaccinate, and second doses are currently being given to around 400-thousand people a day.
The overall vaccination rate reported on Thursday was 67.four percent which could put the country within reach of 80 percent by next month.
The number of new virus cases reported Thursday came to 1,441.
That's about 400 cases higher than the low seen earlier this week, but it's actually the fewest reported on a Thursday since mid-July.
Cases have steadily come down over the last three weeks, but what stands out is the growing prevalence of the Delta variant.
Last week, Delta accounted for 100 percent of the local variant cases, totaling close to 3,250.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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