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Prof. Shin Dong-hyuk on Nuri launch
Updated: 2021-10-21 18:22:10 KST
We have Shin Dong-hyuk, Assistant Professor at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at KAIST in the studio with us. Thank you for joining us.

So you've watched the launch of Nuri two hours ago. How would you evaluate this launch?

-What is the significance of the launch of Nuri KSLV-2?
-This isn't the first time South Korea is launching a liquid propellant rocket. There was Naro before Nuri. How different is Nuri from Naro? And how more advanced is Nuri from its predecessor?
-Could you explain to us, in simple terms, how this launch will be conducted? Could you walk us through the three stages?
-Could you tell us about the development process of this rocket?
-What are some key moments we should keep an eye on?
-What are the optimal conditions for the launch? How is the weather condition today for the launch?
-This is the first time that a launch vehicle was developed entirely by South Korean technology. How significant is this? What does it mean to gain technological independence?
-How far have we (South Korea) come in terms of technological development of space/launch vehicles?
-Could you tell us who was involved in the development of Nuri?

-What do you think was the key to successfully launching the Nuri?
-How is this launch different from our previous launches?
-What are the next steps after this launch? How should we prepare for the next launch?
-How do you project the future of our space industry?

-What are some lessons we can learn from (the failure of) this launch?
-What should be improved next time?

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