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Updated: 2021-10-21 10:10:22 KST
The COVID-19 inoculation campaign TARGETING teenagers is underway AS the PLAN is to ALLOW FOR a COMPLETE OPENING of the ACADEMIC ARENA ONCE the country launches its phased return to normality next month.
So is the academic arena ready for a full resumption of in-class activities?
To answer that question I have Professor Ahn Mi-lee from Hanyang University.
Pleasure to have you back Professor Ahn.
I also have Professor Lee Hoon-sang from Yonsei University.
Good to see you again Professor Lee.

1) Professor Ahn vaccinations for teenagers aged 16 and 17 began this past Monday.
Let's begin with a few words on this latest government campaign against the pandemic.

2) Professor Lee U.S. authorities say the Pfizer vaccine dramatically lowers the rate of hospitalizations for the young aged between 12 and 18 to 93-percent.
What more can you tell us about the importance of COVID-19 inoculations for teenagers?

3) Moving forward Professor Ahn COVID-19 vaccination is voluntary for teenagers here.
Having said that how are schools planning to address possible discrimination against those unvaccinated?

4-1) Professor Ahn I believe teenagers require the approval of their guardians for these vaccinations?
4-2) Also for those UNVACCINATED will they be required to submit a REGULAR NEGATIVE P-C-R test to attend school?

5) Professor Lee in the early stages of the pandemic there was much concern over the possibility of large-scale outbreaks within school grounds BUT RECENT REPORTS have rejected such scenarios.
What are your thoughts?

6) Professor Ahn what can you tell us about our current school operations nationwide following the government's partial re-opening of the academic arena starting back in September?

7) Professor Lee what are your prospects on the full resumption of in-class activities next month?

8) Professor Ahn HAS the phased return. to school that began in September served to tackle the limitations of virtual learning and psychological needs of our young learners?

9) Professor Lee I hear reduced physical activity amid the pandemic-required confinement indoors has been hurting the health of children in general.
Do you care to elaborate?

10) Professor Ahn authorities are bracing for a rebound in transmissions within school settings once doors are fully opened.
Do you share this stance and if so what do you suggest to better address it?

11) Meanwhile Professor Lee vaccine reservations for children aged 12 to 15 began at the start of this week and on the first day the rate of reservation stood at 6-percent.
I believe there is still some uncertainty about the need for COVID-19 inoculations for children among parents here.
Keeping this in mind what advice would you care to extend to them?

12) Professor Ahn what are some of the tasks ahead for the academic arena as Korea seeks to move beyond the pandemic?

13) And Professor Lee how should health and education authorities work to ensure a safe learning environment amid plans here to co-exist with COVID-19?

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