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First snow of the year at Seoraksan Mountain...cold spells with lows in Seoul at 5°C
Updated: 2021-10-19 17:03:29 KST
Today, the first snow of the season was observed at Seoraksan Mountain, located in Gangwon-do Province. Yesterday's first frost of the year was seen faster than usual, well this also applies to first snow. The season's first snow occurred 15 days earlier than last year. Meanwhile, rain has now tapered off in most regions except for Gangwon-do Province, where five to 30 millimeters of rain are expected for the remainder of the night.

With the help of warm southerly winds, conditions were a bit less cold today overall. However, morning lows will plunge again tomorrow. Single figures are expected from this point on. Places like Paju in Gyeonggi-do Province will see lows of one degree Celsius.

Tomorrow morning will be sunny overall, but cold gusty winds will follow so dress warmly. Seoul and Gwangju will start off at five degrees Celsius.

Daytime highs will be one to three degrees lower than today. Seoul will get up to 14 degrees. Busan and Jeju 18. Daejeon and Gwangju 16 degrees.

The capital region will be under clear skies for the time being. On Friday, showers are expected for Gangwon-do Province.

That's all for now, and here are the weather conditions around the world.
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