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Fall rain brings another chill to nation, stay cold until weekend
Updated: 2021-10-19 09:51:57 KST
Good afternoon. Autumn rain continues through this afternoon across Korea. The amount won't be much, less than 5 millimeters but east of Gangwon-do Province could see 5 to 30 millimeters, with a slim chance of snowfall in mountainous regions in Gangwon-do.

Temperature-wise, morning temperatures started 4 to 8 degrees higher than yesterday, but it's going to be far colder on the way back home this evening as lows will go down to about 5 degrees tomorrow.

Daytime highs will be similar to yesterday with brighter skies but wind will make it feel colder than actual readings.

It's going to be colder than actual temperatures through the weekend under sunny skies. This Saturday is Sanggang, the last autumnal term so it's very likely we'll wrap up this year's autumn on a colder note. So dress accordingly and take well care of yourself to avoid catching a cold.
With that, here's a look at the weather conditions around the world.
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