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Oxford English Dictionary On Adding 26 Korean Words
Updated: 2021-10-14 17:02:57 KST
Maybe you're one of the 111 million people around the world who have watched or are currently watching the Netflix sensation, "Squid Game."
Or one of BTS' loyal Army of fans. With sensations of such sweeping around the globe, you've probably heard of K-pop or K-beauty and hallyu - in English, the Korean wave.
Hallyu which refers to South Korean pop culture and entertainment which is well on its way to conquering the world.
We now have further proof of that: the Oxford English Dictionary has just added "hallyu", and 25 other words, to its latest edition. Jieun Kiaer is one of the consultants who contributed to the project to update the English dictionary. She's a professor of Korean Linguistics.
Jieun Kiaer joins us from Oxford, England.

So Dr. Kiaer, you participated as one of the consultants for this project. Could you share with us how you got to join the team and collaborate with OED for this September edition update?

Tell us a little bit about the process of selecting these words. What was the standard of selection? How were these words chosen?

How do you feel about the selection of these 26 words this time? Are you happy with the selected results? Is there any that you would have liked to add but were missed out on the list this time?

What are some words that have been added entirely newly, rather being updated or revised?

How often does OED update these words on the dictionary?

That was Dr. Jieun Kiaer, Associate Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics at the University of Oxford. Thank you for your insights.
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