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Wide gaps in readings, rise in highs
Updated: 2021-10-13 06:39:58 KST
Good morning. It was quite breezy all day yesterday, hope you didn't catch a cold well today there will be a slight rise in afternoon temperatures so we'll be seeing wide gaps in readings of more than 10 degrees Celsius so another day with a jacket today.

I mean it's as cool as yesterday morning, morning lows are about 15 degrees Celsius today, Chuncheon cooler at 12 degrees. Jeju is receiving morning rain.

There will be lots of cloud coverage in southern parts of the country while central regions will be seeing some sunshine. Highs in the south were below 20 degrees but there will be a rise of 5 to 7 degrees in daytime highs today, Gwangju going up to 26 degrees, Busan at 25 degrees.

Nationwide rain on Saturday will bring somewhat winter like temperatures on Sunday morning at a low of 2 degrees Celsius in the capital while daytime highs will go down to 12even lower than today's morning temperatures.
With that, here's a look at weather conditions around the world.
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