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Robots evolve with AI : Analysis
Updated: 2021-10-08 17:04:57 KST
A group of Korean researchers at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute have developed a robot for helping the elderly at home.
Using AI technology, they're being tested at the homes of older people and senior care facilities.
To find out more about this, we have Professor Hyunchul Shim, Director of the KI Robotics Institute at KAIST.
Professor, thank you for joining us.

I understand that robots are now able to help the elderly by making sure they take their pills at a certain regular time, check up on their safety, help them find things at home and help them exercise.
Please do tell us more about these robots.

The developers say these robots use special technology. What is that technology? And also, do they use so-called deep learning?

Last week, Amazon announced the launch of 'Astro,' the first household robot powered by Google's Alexa smart home technology.
Some say it could be helpful for the elderly who live alone.
It's controlled remotely to check on things like pets and home security.
But some argue that security is the only area where it's really useful.
What do you think?

Because these robots are constantly collecting data on us in our homes, some are concerned about privacy. What are the concerns and how could we address them?

Finally, professor, tell us for a minute how you think household robots will evolve in the future.

That was professor Hyunchul SHIM, from the Robotics Institute at KAIST. Thanks for your insights.
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