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Overcast skies with rain
Updated: 2021-10-08 08:01:49 KST
Our weather caster Lee Jeehyun is at Olympic Park this morning, sharing Korea's autumn vibe. Jeehyun we have wet and cloudy weather again. Can we expect any improvement for the upcoming weekend.

Good morning Mark. To answer your question first, it looks to be a repeat of today's conditions for most of weekendbut autumn surely is in full swing here at Olympic Park, painted with the most vibrant colors of autumn, orange, pink, and yellow. In fact, today is Hallo, the cold dew, according to seasonal indicator.
You will need an umbrella on this year's Hallo.

Most parts will be seeing 5 to 30 millimeters of rainfall, heavier on the east coast with up to 70 millimeters of rain into tomorrow.

And along with rain and clouds highs will be 1 to 4 degrees lower than yesterday, southern provinces will finally have autumn like temperatures hovering in the mid-twenties.

Daegu at 25 degrees, Busan at 26 degrees, still warmer than norms. Seoul will be 21 degrees Celsius.

But we have a long 3 day holiday weekend and it looks to be rainy and cloudy for most of us. So take the weather into account.

It's Hallo today, the cold dew, and things will get really chilly from next week, notice how chilly it's going to be next Saturday with lows dipping down to just 11 degrees in Seoul.

You might want to take out some warmer clothes this weekend and get ready for chillier days now. That's all for me, I will be back on our later news cast.
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