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Overcast skies with rain
Updated: 2021-10-08 06:14:06 KST
And now, let's go back over to Jeehyun at Olympic Park for another weather update.

Good morning again, I am here at Olympic Park's famous yellow cosmos field. In fact, Olympic Park is painted in the most vibrant colors of autumn, orange, pink, and yellowphoto taking spots everywhere soon most parts of Korea will be painted with the same autumn colors.

But I only wish the weather was brighter you will need an umbrella most parts will be seeing 5 to 30 millimeters of rainfall, heavier on the east coast with up to 70 millimeters of rain into tomorrow.

Morning temperatures in most areas are beginning similar to slightly lower than the same time yesterday, I wish I had a jacket it's breezy out here starting out at about 17 degrees Celsius.
Rain could begin any minute.

Highs will be 1 to 4 degrees lower than yesterday, Daegu at 25 degrees which is about 4 degrees lower than yesterday. Seoul will be 21 degrees Celsius.

But we have a long 3 day holiday weekend and it looks to be rainy and cloudy for most of us. So take the weather into account.

It's Hallo today, the cold dew and things will get really chilly from next week. Also, don't forget to wear a face mask and wash hands frequently.
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