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One-legged Venezuelan man walks 14,000 km across South America
Updated: 2019-08-20 09:20:14 KST
A Venezuelan man who lost one of his legs in a car accident has walked 14-thousand kilometers across South America.
57-year old Yeslie Aranda took 13 months to finish his adventure hoping to inspire other people to pursue their dreams despite difficulties.
Arada and his daughter each lost a leg in a car accident in 2013 and he spent 15 days in a coma.
To thank God for saving his life, he began to walk to religious shrines around his hometown and then decided to challenge himself by traveling the whole length of the South American continent.
He only had about 30 U.S. dollars when he left, but he made his way by selling bracelets on the road and getting help from people who provided him food and places to sleep.
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