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My secret Star

My secret Star

About the Program
My Secret Star

An unpredictable romance web drama with a story about a Hallyu star, who is hiding a big secret, meets a reporter from the entertainment department, who risked her life for exclusive news.

There is a man turns to boy when he touch the female person.
However, he is a famous Hallyu superstar,
Who always be exposed to public.
A man who has no choice but to lie involuntarily in front of his fans.
And then, he meets a woman who finds out about his secret.
Communication creates empathy, and empathy can heal one’s heart.
How will this encounter affect them and their life?

foreign correspondents
Chi Mai: Hoang Yen Chibi (Vietnamese actor and singer)

  • The main character of the movie “Go-Go Sisters”
    (Korean film Sunny Remake)
  • 2019 Vietnam Film Festival Women's Best Acting Award
  • 2019 Ngoi Sao Xanh Film Festival Actress Popularity Award

foreign correspondents
Sung Hoon (Korean Talent)

  • 2019 MBC Entertainment Awards, Male Excellence Award in the variety category
  • 2018 Asia Artist Awards Actor Favorite Award
  • 2016 KBS Drama Awards Male Rookie Award