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Forest in DMZ

Forest in DMZ

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About The Program
Planning Aim

Forests, which account for more than 80% of the area of Gangwon-do Province, is a space which contains all aspects, from history and culture, to ecology, and is a resource with endless potential as a source of new life and future energy.

And the DMZ located in Gangwon-do Province

The DMZ area forest, registered as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, is both a place of trauma caused by the waves of modern history and also a space of hope to dream of peace and future for mankind. This program therefore, sheds light on the value of forests spread across five cities and districts in the DMZ peace area and four cities and districts in the Seorak region of Gangwon-do Province, and seeks to introduce the ecological value of the DMZ.

Same place, different perspective.
Each traveler shares their own stories and journeys beginning from the topic of forests and DMZ.

Main Content
  • Episode 1. Forest of Memory
  • Episode 2. Forest of Life
  • Episode 3. Forest of Peace
  • Episode 4. Forest of Healing
  • Episode 5. Forest of the Future

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