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K-stage 'PAN'

K-stage 'PAN'


K-stage “PAN”
Planning Intentions

To establish itself as an unprecedented gugak music concert program by Gugak broadcasting, where the charms of Korean music, played in various styles through the ages, can be truly felt.
To provide a special 'pan' or stage for masters, middle-aged and young musicians alike, to express their talents without boundaries, leading to the popularization of gugak music which can become a new paradigm that all generations can sympathize with and enjoy.

- To showcase Korean music that is being played in various styles throughout the history of Gugak music.
- To introduce the beauty and charms of gugak music and dance which are stylish enough just by tradition alone.
- To introduce the gugak music of this age through the music of masters, middle-aged and young musicians.
- To listen and compare the original pansori songs to the modernized pansori music.

“The deep emotions that traditional gugak music arouses as you fall in deeper with knowledge”
“The essence of traditional pansori music properly shown by the holders of pansori entertainment"
“Finding a unique charm of gugak music performed in various ways through young gugak musicians”
“A refreshing stage created by future gugak musicians who will lead the new generation of Korean music”
“With his luscious voice, host Han Seok-jun will guide the viewers into the world of Gugak music”
“A special time to meet with shining new artists as well as famous gugak musicians who led the popularization of Gugak music”

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