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See What I See

See What I See

Past Program

Discover “New Hallyu Content” from different perspectives!
See What I See

Five teams of Hallyu messengers bring their own interpretation of the wave that hit every part of the world, Hallyu, and present new Hallyu contents.
Connected through video chat, panelists watch the clips together and share their thoughts on Hallyu, inviting curious viewers to join.

New Interpretation of Hallyu! What is Hallyu in My Eyes?

Moving away from simply introducing Hallyu as a phenomenon, the Hallyu messengers who genuinely love Korea introduce new sides of Korea that they have seen.

The Best Hallyu Messenger, It’s Me!

20 years of experience in Korea, Lucky!
700,000 subscribers with her Hallyu channel, Korean Unnie!
The member of a K-pop boy group at the center of Hallyu, Lex!
Expatriates who love Korean culture more than anyone, Anna and the Grahams!
What would Hallyu look like from what they see?

The New Era of Hallyu Variety Show Has Begun!

A completely new variety show format where Hallyu messengers from all around the world meet through video chat and talk about their contents.