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Updated: 2022-01-18 09:29:44 KST
The government's ECONOMIC GROWTH TARGET for THIS YEAR has been SET at 3.1 percent.
Relevant officials have VOWED to DEDICATE the NEW YEAR to NORMALIZING the local economy.
For more I have Professor YANG Jun-sok from the Catholic University of Korea.
Professor Yang welcome back.
I also have Professor Kim Sei-wan from Ewha Womans University.
It's good to have you back Professor Kim.

1) Professor Yang what are your PROSPECTS with regard to the Korean economy for the year 20-22?

2) Professor Kim Korea's top financial regulator has WARNED about the presence of "a GRAY RHINO" headed towards the local economy AND THUS the NEED for countermeasures.
Do tell us a bit about this metaphoric expression AND the obvious risks that the local economy is facing?
((Remarks by Koh Seung-beom head of the Financial Services Commission))

3) Professor Yang as part of efforts to RE-INSTATE a NORMAL POLICY SETTING the Bank of Korea RECENTLY FURTHER RAISED its key interest rate to 1.2-5 percent.
Was this level of increase within expectations?

4) Professor Kim how do you EXPLAIN the central bank's relatively RAPID PACE of INCREASE with regard to its POLICY RATE?
((The policy rate has been RAISED 0.7-5 percent within a span of five months.))

5) Professor Yang do you believe the RISE in policy rate WILL SERVE to CURB INFLATION?

6) And Professor Kim what can you tell us about the IMPACT of the LATEST HIKE in the BOK's interest rate on household debt the stock market as well as the real estate market?

7) Moving abroad Professor Yang there is talk that the U.S. Federal Reserve will seek to raise its benchmark interest rate by a total of FOUR TIMES this year.
Do you share this outlook?

8) Professor Kim back here on the local front what is your outlook with regard to FURTHER HIKES in policy rate by the BOK?

9) Professor Yang there have been FLUCTUATIONS within the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET amid persisting economic uncertainties COMPOUNDED by OMICRON.
Having said that what is your outlook with regard to the FOREX market and its POTENTIAL IMPACT on the local economy?

10) Professor Kim what are your thoughts on Korea's FISCAL STABILITY as it seeks extra budget to ensure financial support for those hard-hit by the pandemic?

11) Professor Yang President Moon is on a trip to the UAE Saudi Arabia and Egypt this week.
What are your thoughts on the potential economic gains to be garnered via this latest venture?

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